About Rose

Rose's Commitment

I see the signposts along the WAY. I am dedicated to being an explorer of life… perpetually curious, a seeker of spirit, and a traveler of the world (all dimensions). I spread the message of self-love and nourishment so that my fellow travelers can grow, heal and prosper on their own journeys, in their own time. I am grateful for the path that yoga has opened up for me and am dedicated to sharing the abundance it has brought into my life.

In 2000, I began practicing yoga purely as a physical exercise but quickly came to appreciate that there was much more to it than downward facing dog. In a short time, the healing effects of yoga became self-evident. As someone who sat behind a computer all day, I realized only yoga would counteract the bad habits I had unconsciously developed.  When I established a committed meditation practice, the spiritual side of yoga revealed itself to me in unexpected ways and I decided to change my life path and become a yoga teacher. I craved a purpose that was based on heart and I found that purpose in yoga. When I delved into the teachings and history of yoga, I recognized that I would be a life long student who would share what I learned with others… and along the way help them fulfill their needs through the transformative practice of yoga.

I am yogic-ally promiscuous and have studied/practiced many lineages: Desikachar, Yogananda, Krishnamacharaya, Jois, Iyengar, Yogi Bhajan, etc. I practice and teach Hatha and Raja based yoga. I pull from the wisdom of all of the talented yogis I have met along the way.

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP.

My commitment is to meet people where they are and make yoga accessible to everyone.  My focus is to help individuals maintain balanced health,  feel better and have less pain and/or stress in their daily lives. I want to make sure that all the tools that yoga has to offer are presented and in alignment with each person's needs.