SPONSOR ~ PATRICIA BOEKHOUT~YOGA TEACHER/STUDIO OWNER/AYURVEDA: In 1984 while attending college in Boston, a friend of Patricia's told her "yoga is good for you" - LOL! Despite her initial hesitation, she was intrigued with this ancient practice. After completing her first yoga class, while she noticed significant physical benefits, that was the extent of what she gained from her initial steps down this path. shares.  READ MORE HERE.

SPONSOR~CASSANDRA CABRERA/MINDFULNESS BASED LIFE COACH:  As a mindfulness teacher and life & wellness coach, my purpose is to empower people like you to develop powerful tools that heal, make positive changes and align with the life you desire and way of being in the world that you want most for yourself and others.

I specialize in effective stress management for adults and children, mindfulness meditation, life and professional goal actualization, and optimal health. I use mindfulness-based coaching strategies to move clients beyond challenges they are coming up against in their personal and professional lives. I love the connection of working 1:1 and I am grateful for the ability to share this work with a larger audience through online programs, group facilitation and presentations.

Mindfulness is part of my nature and over the years I have experienced what it feels like to lose touch with that, dealing with overwhelm in the business world, in caregiving, and I have seen how people suffer from stress-related illnesses in my work in the holistic health field. I know that mindfulness and well-rounded wellness practices are transformational and vital to a fulfilling life - and I am committed to sharing what I have learned to empower others.

We all deserve to feel a great sense of wellbeing. We all deserve to experience a life that is meaningful.

RICHARD BROOKENS/MUSICIAN & YOGI:  I often remark on the fact that after starting to play saxophone at 10 and then Clarinet and Flute a few years later, years of private music lessons starting at 12, further music studies (private lessons, music theory and history, ear training, composition and arranging at North Texas State University and other schools, private studies on a National Endowment for the Arts grant with Charlie Banacos,  and eventually graduating from Berkeley College of Music with a bachelors degree, all the while practicing, composing, transcribing solos, playing countless live gigs and studio sessions, then 20 years ago adding bamboo flutes from China and India, going to the Ali Akbar College of Indian Music briefly where I added playing Tabla drums, then later Udus (clay pots) and Cajon, that after all that time and effort and love for Jazz and other styles of music (Flamenco, Rock, classical, Ragtime, Haitian Compas, Reggae, Classical Northern Indian to name a few) which I still have and pursue, that NOW I spend so many hours and “perform” so often with such apparently simple instruments as a variety of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gongs! I get so much pleasure from offering these beautiful sounds for the transformation and healing of others. It’s why I became a musician in the first place. That connection to our hearts is what makes music so powerful! It’s easy as a professional musician to be become cynical or bitter as we get older as we continue paying our dues, and to lose the love for our instruments and the music.  I’ve definitely struggled with that over the years. What’s so beautiful is that the gongs and Bowls offer such a direct undeniable path to our hearts! I’m truly blessed to have found them and they have brought me back to the spirit I originally found in my Tenor Saxophone when I was a young boy. I still love playing jazz but it’s from a different perspective altogether now. Connecting with people through sound is what I do, whether it’s with a gong, a flute, a Tibetan Bowl, a Saxophone, Singing Mantra, or keeping a beat, it really is all the same. They are all vibrations of life and love!

SPONSOR ~ JOHN INGRAHAM~PHOENIX RISING YOGA THERAPY/KRIPALU & THAI YOGA/FOUNDER OF WHOLE MAN TRIBE:  The notion of being a yoga teacher and yoga therapist never crossed John’s mind when he began his first yoga class in July of 1997. His father had passed away four months prior after a painful two-year struggle with cancer, John had completed his MBA after seven years of night school, and had changed jobs as a high tech manager.  READ MORE HERE.

PEGGY FERGUSON~MASSAGE THERAPIST/REIKI MASTER:  Hi, I'm Peggy and I have been a licensed massage therapist since 1996 and have worked hand in hand with chiropractors and physical therapists. This has given me great insight to many physical conditions and ailments created by stress, overuse, and degeneration. It is very gratifying for me to see the transformation that occurs with each session and over time. I truly look forward to assisting others on their journey to health and well being. 

TONI MAZZARELLO~YOGA INSTRUCTOR:  I believe yoga is a sacred practice that gently guides you to self-awareness and a closer relationship to the divine spirit within.  The toned fit body, the calm peaceful mind, the balance, focus and desire to keep healthy habits, those are all bonus side effects from the energy shift you create when practicing. I received my 200 hour CYT in Costa Rica in 2015 from Alchemy of Yoga. I then went on to acquire my RYT 200 and CPR and first aid certifications.  I also have a certification in fitness and nutrition. Although my plan was always to be a fitness instructor, my passion is to be committed to studying and practicing yoga and sharing my practice with others. Assisting them in recognizing their divine nature and guiding them to healing and growth.  It is with a wide-open heart and huge gratitude that I thank you and pray we connect, share, and grow together.  Namaste’

SPONSOR ~ MARIAH CHAH, AP, DOM~ACUPUNCTURE:  I’m Maria Chah, and I’m here to help you on your journey to a healthy body and mind. As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine with over 25 years of experience, I’ve helped hundreds of patients just like you find ease in their bodies using a blend of acupuncture, herbal remedies, and simple lifestyle modifications. Having suffered from chronic pain myself, I understand the debilitating effects of pain and discomfort in the body. And I know firsthand just how effective this holistic approach is in helping you get your life back.READ MORE HERE.

ANGELIQUE~VEGAN CHEF:  I Am Angelique... I have a love of food and serving others that you must experience for yourself. Not only do I love cooking and serving others, but I also love food shopping, menu planning, chopping and organizing your kitchen.

Combining my passion for food with fitness and more than 20 years of hospitality experience, I aim to bring love, joy, and ease to your life. If I am in your area, I am happy to come to cook for you, with you or for your special event. And, if not, I am happy to coach you and teach you virtually thanks to technology. Whatever it is that you want or need, I will work with you to customize a plan that works best for you.

I know and understand what it is like to struggle with food, weight loss and the quest for happiness. Making excuses myself to avoid exercise and eating healthy until the day I asked myself, "What is more important than me?" Ever since, I have considered how thoughts, actions, and food intake express love not just to others but also to myself. Happier than ever and living a life that I love, I am on a mission to guide others in showing themselves lots and lots of love.

ROSE BRUCE~YOGA TEACHER/RETREAT MASTER: Hi, its' me, Rose Bruce. I'm simply a yogini following a path towards the light. My only wish for you is that you find what you need on this retreat. I implore you to follow your inner voice... the one that leads you to join us with an open heart, mind and spirit. Let's find the peace we all need together and spread that peace around.

SPONSOR ~ REBECCA KASTIN/WELLNESS COACH:  I’m Rebecca Kastin, your Radiant Wellness Coach. But more than that, I am a woman of stories, of struggles, of a life well-lived. I am a woman dedicated to her work and to helping others uncover the wellness I’ve found for myself. I am a mother, a yogi, and a woman recovered from disordered eating—now in love with food. READ MORE HERE.



We have pulled together a team of experienced and multi-talented LIGHT WORKERS from South Florida to serve you on this amazing journey of self love. All have the the purest of hearts and only wish to guide you towards Replenishing your Resources and Reconnecting with your Contentment, Health and Harmony.